Experiences, Workshops & Fun Classes In Las Vegas

When thinking about Las Vegas, most people imagine slot machines, roulette tables, fine dining, and sunny afternoons by the pool. However, there is another side to Sin City that might take you by surprise. Las Vegas is full of opportunities to attend a fun workshop or class that will expand your knowledge and give you a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the best workshops and classes in Las Vegas:

Master Classes at The Wynn

Ready to put your culinary and hosting skills to the test? Wynn offers master classes led by trained chefs, bakers, mixologists, sommeliers, florists and more to level up your dinner parties. It’s a fun distraction from the usual Vegas scene and helps you develop and perfect skills you wouldn’t think to improve while at home. Check out their list of classes and plan an exciting afternoon with friends. These master classes are an excellent choice for large groups or private parties!

Making bruschetta at a cooking class

Wine Making Experience

Grape Expectations is a charming private winery and the only winemaking school in Clark County located in Henderson, southeast of Las Vegas. They offer hands-on winemaking classes where you can get down and dirty with the grapes! Although they offer 4 winemaking sessions over a period of time to make wine from start to finish, you can also spend a couple of hours at the winery for an insightful look at the process. Their free winemaking open houses will talk about the steps that go into making wine, as well as teach you the nuances of wine tasting.

Las Vegas Gaming Lessons

If you’ve never stepped up to a blackjack table or placed a bet at a sportsbook, gambling can all seem very confusing and intimidating. Just know you are not alone. That’s why there are several places that offer beginner-level gambling classes and lessons on how to play the games, make bets, understand the rules, and have an overall good time!

Several Las Vegas casinos offer free gaming classes, or you can always purchase a one-on-one lesson with workshops like The Gambling Experience.

Blackjack hand

Ballroom Dancing Classes

Although you might be eager to hit a popular Las Vegas nightclub while visiting, ballroom dancing classes put a slightly different perspective on the dancefloor. It certainly captures the essence of vintage Las Vegas and brings a little piece of that era back. Check out some dance schools in Las Vegas offering ballroom dancing sessions, including Summerlin Dance Academy, Rhythms Dance Studio, and the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. It’s a unique way to spend some time with a loved one or friend in Las Vegas before returning to your Sin City mischief.

Craft Beer Tasting in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has experienced a boom in craft beer breweries and is the best place to go for local beer tastings. Banger Brewing on Fremont Street offers some of the best selections of Vegas-brewed beer, including IPAs, dark malts, refreshing wheat beers, and creative flavors infused with roasted jalapenos, coffee, hazelnut, oatmeal, and bourbon.

Tenaya Creek Brewery is another local spot in downtown that features an amazing tasting room and menu. Also check out Hop Nuts Brewing, Able Baker Brewing, CraftHaus Brewery, and Three Sheets Craft Beer Bar for excellent beer tasting options.

Row of different beers in glasses on a wooden bar

Oak & Ivy Whiskey Tasting at Downtown Container Park

If you’re a whiskey fan, you can’t pass up a tasting at Oak & Ivy in Downtown Las Vegas. The Container Park rooftop bar boasts some of the best bourbon, Scotch, rye, and other whiskey selections you’ll find in Las Vegas, along with creative craft cocktails, beers, and wines. The award-winning tasting menu runs the gamut and will give your palette a complete tour of the international whiskey scene.

If you’re with a group of people, be sure to make a reservation. In fact, you can even buy out the entire bar if you happen to have a group of 40 or more!

Las Vegas Trapeze Lessons

Inspired by the Cirque du Soleil dancers and acrobats after a show? You’ll have a chance to put your circus skills to the test with a private trapeze lesson in Las Vegas! Train with professionals as you get the hand of high-flying action at aerial art and trapeze schools, including Trapeze Las Vegas, Xperience Days, Trapeze High, and Las Vegas Circus Circus. There are several outdoor options as well all air-conditioned indoor studios.

Two trapeze artists flying together in the sky

Las Vegas Chocolate Tastings

For Las Vegas visitors with a sweet tooth, there’s something for you, too! You can find chocolate tastings at many of the local chocolatier locations throughout the Southern Nevada Valley, including Ethel M Chocolate Factory, HEXX Chocolate, and Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier. They even pair chocolate tastings with wine, beer, and cocktails on some occasions, so everybody in your group gets a little something.

Step off the beaten path and check out some tasty chocolate treats, learn about the chocolate making process, and spend some quality time with family and friends with a Las Vegas chocolate tasting.

Smash Rooms in Las Vegas

Smash rooms, also known as rage rooms and wreck rooms, are a truly satisfying experience you can check out during your next trip to Las Vegas. If you’re on vacation, your goal might be to relax, unwind, and get some rest. However, you might also be running from the stresses of work and your day-to-day routine. What better way to release all that tension and anxiety than smashing some stuff?

You’ll find “destruction experiences” all over the city, including Wreck Room in Las Vegas, Sin City Smash and Axe Monkey, where you can safely smash some old office equipment, dishware, vases, and other break-worthy things. They provide all the materials, safety equipment, and jumpsuits for you and your group, so you can feel comfortable as you get into your demolishing session. Then, leave rejuvenated while leaving the cleanup to the professionals!

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