The Best Downtown Las Vegas Photo Spots

With its flashing neon lights and over-the-top reputation, Downtown Las Vegas is full of iconic and memorable imagery that you’ll want to capture while you’re here. However, we know some of you are drawn to unique backdrops that are off the beaten path versus the typical Sin City tourist spots. For these photo opportunities during your trip, Downtown Las Vegas is the place to be.

Check out our list of the best Downtown Las Vegas photo spots that will make your memories really stand out.

Life is Beautiful Street Art in Downtown Las Vegas

There’s nothing more photo-worthy in Downtown Las Vegas than the stunning street art and provocative murals painted for the annual Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival. Since 2013, the downtown area has been transformed by a vibrant art scene and cultural resurgence spawned by this popular music, art, and culinary festival.

Within just a few blocks, you’ll find colorful Downtown Las Vegas street art by renowned graffiti artists such as “Fear No Fate” by Tristan Eaton, “Love Forever” and “Peacemaker” by D* Face, “The Meaning” by Pixel Pancho, and “Corporate Welfare” by Shepard Fairey, just to name a few. Strike a pose and capture some of these interesting pieces while exploring this eclectic part of the city.

Pipe Dream at Symphony Park

Located at Symphony Park in Downtown Las Vegas, Pipe Dream by international artist Tim Bavington is a captivating sculpture just outside of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The commissioned art piece was erected to represent Aaron Copland’s 1942 composition, “Fanfare for the Common Man.” Each vertical pipe in the sculpture is a single note of the song, while vibrant lighting and colors bring the art piece to life. It’s the perfect backdrop to a truly distinctive Downtown Las Vegas photo.

Praying Mantis at Container Park

Downtown Container Park Mantis

This fire-breathing art installation at Downtown Container Park is another excellent photo-worthy spot in downtown. Just steps away from the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, Container Park is a fun outdoor shopping and dining destination with all stores, bars, and restaurants housed in repurposed shipping containers. There’s even a giant treehouse and playground for the kids if you happen to be traveling with your family.

You’ll see the infamous Praying Mantis at the entrance to Container Park as it shoots flames high into the air from its antennae, with every move choreographed to music. It was initially created for the Burning Man Festival by artist Kirk Jellum, but it now stands as a dazzling downtown fixture and unique photo opportunity.

The Historic La Concha Lobby at the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is one of the most popular destinations for both locals and tourists to experience a little piece of vintage Vegas with classic neon signs that have been saved and restored. However, many people don’t know that the Neon Museum Visitors’ Center is housed in the original La Concha Motel lobby! For those who are not familiar with it, the La Concha lobby’s exterior features distinctive mid-century designs with striking shell-shaped arches hooded over floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you’re a fan of architecture or design, you don’t want to miss this photo opportunity. Even if you decide to skip a full tour of the Neon Museum, you can still snap a picture in front of the classic La Concha lobby. The historic structure has been restored to its full potential and offers a unique glimpse into Sin City’s past.

The Ceiling at Art Bar in Downtown Grand

The Art Bar, also referred to as the “Start Bar” in the mornings, is a little hidden gem tucked away at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. Serving up some crave-worthy coffee drinks in the mornings and your favorite adult beverages in the afternoons and evenings, the Art Bar is more than just a lounge, and you’ll see why the moment you enter. The ceiling is adorned with random but beautifully framed art and thoughtfully hung filament-inspired glass bulbs that give off a fun and eclectic vibe you probably didn’t expect just by looking at it from the outside.

You’ll see some classics like paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Frida Kahlo, but you’ll also get to soak in some talented local Las Vegas artists and photographers. In fact, the Gallery Tower at Downtown Grand features stunning artwork by artists from all over the world, make sure to check that out too while you’re there!

Fremont Street Canopy

Although this is one of the more traditional photo spots in Downtown Las Vegas, it’s worth checking out again if it’s been a while since you visited. The video canopy on Fremont Street recently underwent a huge renovation, making its digital imaging and sound more crisp and vibrant than ever before. There are light shows every night featuring new videos and bands, so you’ve probably never seen the canopy like this before. Only a couple of blocks from the Downtown Grand, it’s worth the walk over there to capture some share-worthy selfies under the screen.

Semi-Truck DJ Booth at Pizza Rock

Semi-truck at Pizza Rock

Another unexpected photo opp that’s fun and creative is the semi-truck cab parked inside Pizza Rock on 3rd Street. Its fiery decals and polished chrome hubcaps are a bit of a juxtapose from the classic brick walls and mouthwatering Italian menu featured at the restaurant. But the “Tony G” license plate lets you know you’re in the right place – the home of the 11-time World Pizza Champion, Tony Gemignani. Swing by in the evenings or on the weekends, and you just might find a live DJ spinning up some tunes inside the truck.

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