The Ultimate Guide to Downtown Las Vegas Bicycle Rentals


We all know the bright neon lights, dazzling casinos, and decadent food of Sin City has been bringing visitors to Las Vegas for decades. But with the recent revitalization of the Downtown Las Vegas area, there is so much more to do and experience outside of these long-standing staples. In fact, one of the best ways to see Downtown Las Vegas from a fresh perspective is to rent a bicycle and explore the city! Here’s our ultimate guide to Downtown Las Vegas bike rentals to help you plan your next Vegas adventure.

The New Bicycle-Friendly Downtown Las Vegas

More than ever before, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southen Nevada (RTC) is committed to providing dedicated bike lanes along busy streets to ensure safe travel for cyclists in Las Vegas. This includes improvements to roads across Downtown Las Vegas! You’ll notice more bike lanes, especially along transit corridors, that link people to essential services, attractions, and other major areas of the city.

Bike Rental at Downtown Grand

Bicycles for Rent in Downtown Las Vegas

There’s no need to bring your own bike if you’re traveling to Las Vegas. There are several places you can rent a bike for you and your whole family. In fact, the RTC offers a bike share program that allows you to rent a bike from stations throughout the city using a mobile app that is both easy and convenient. Check out more details on the bike share program and other bicycle rental options available downtown.

RTC Bike Share

As mentioned earlier, the RTC has made great strides in transforming Las Vegas into a more bike-friendly city. This effort includes offering bikes for rent at affordable prices to locals and visitors alike. As part of their innovative bike share program, they offer:

  • 24-hour passes for only $5
  • 3-day passes for only $10
  • 30 day-day passes for only $15
  • The service is available 24/7
  • Bikes can be picked up or returned at any of the 21 stations throughout the city
  • Around 200 bikes for rent
  • Use the mobile app to rent a bike without any hassle

The RTC has recently implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization of all bikes and equipment, but riders are encouraged to wipe down their bikes before and after riding, and frequently wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. For more information about this, check out RTC’s response to COVID-19.

RTC Downtown Las Vegas Bike Center

If you need a little more than just a bike for your Vegas cycling experience, the RTC Bike Center in downtown is another option. With several different types of bikes for rent, including all-purpose bikes, dual-suspension bikes, and road bikes, you’ll have more to choose from than the bike rental stations. Your rental will also come with a helmet, spare tube, lights, and pump included in the price.

You’ll also have access to lockers, bathrooms, showers, bike equipment, and trained staff who can repair or replace any broken parts. If you’re an experienced cyclist who plans on exploring the city on a more regular basis, you may want to think about investing in their Premium Membership, which includes access to all of the above for a low annual fee of $60.

Bike Blast Las Vegas

Conveniently located in Downtown Las Vegas, Bike Blast Las Vegas has a wide selection of bikes for rent starting at $59 per day. You can take your pick from some of the most recognized and respected brands from around the globe and know you’re getting a quality bike from professionals. Also, you can book a bike tour of local scenic routes to see the natural beauty Las Vegas has to offer outside of the city life.


Biking Downtown Las Vegas Safely

Safety should always be your priority when biking in Downtown Las Vegas or anywhere else in the city. Here are some safety tips to consider when exploring Sin City by bicycle:

  • Always consider wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle in Las Vegas
  • Minimize any time on the sidewalk and stick to clearly marked bike lanes
  • Always yield to pedestrians and obey the laws of traffic while cycling
  • If there is no bike lane on the street, bike riders may legally use a whole lane on the street
  • Stay alert for opening car doors or cars making a right turn in front of you
  • Remember that buses and trucks have large blind spots and may not see you
  • Watch for buses pulling in and out from street curbs and never attempt to cut them off
  • As per the law, always ride in the same direction of traffic
  • Use hand signals whenever possible, especially in heavy traffic
  • Remember, there should only be one person per bike!

In addition, try to plan out your route ahead of time so you have a clear idea of where you’re going and what streets are best for you and your group. Check out some cycling route maps or use the RTC interactive bike map to help you get to your destination safely.

What to See in Downtown Las Vegas

If you have no particular destination in mind but would still like to bike around Downtown Las Vegas, you may be wondering the best places to go. If you want to stay local, consider visiting:

Of course, there is so much more to see and do in Las Vegas, and it really depends on how comfortable you feel biking in the city. You can always venture to other areas of Las Vegas, including The Strip, Summerlin, and Henderson. However, Downtown Las Vegas is a great place to start.

With so many bike share stations and bike rental options, you’re never far away from an exciting cycling adventure. Be sure to ask the Downtown Grand front desk or concierge for local Las Vegas tips and the best ideas on where to bike downtown.

Hope to see you out there!

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