Bucket List for Your Upcoming Trip to Las Vegas

Everyone knows Las Vegas is the place to have fun. Whether you go to Vegas to gamble, to enjoy world-class entertainment, or to indulge in food from some of the best chefs from around the country, you go to Las Vegas for an experience.


If you’re headed to Sin City, why not enhance that experience by making sure you explore Downtown Las Vegas? Just a short distance from The Strip, the downtown area is where Las Vegas began and offers some unique things to do that you don’t want to miss. Here are the bucket list-worthy experiences you need to check out.

1. Selfie With Vegas Vic

Las Vegas has always been known for its neon signs, but none of these signs are as famous as Vegas Vic. The 40-foot tall cowboy has been in Las Vegas for over 50 years and continues to be the most recognized figure in the city. Head to Downtown Las Vegas to snap a selfie with this Vegas icon.

2. The Neon Museum

Since we are on the topic of neon signs, a trip to The Neon Museum in Downtown Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind experience. This unique museum is home to restored neon signs from iconic Las Vegas resorts, casinos, and businesses that made the city what it is today. Get a close up look at some of these nostalgic signs during your next trip.

3. Take a Foodie Tour

Las Vegas is a foodie’s dream come true. In fact, downtown has some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, including contemporary cuisine in the Fremont East District and the ever-classic Triple George Grill. Take a guided tour of the downtown area and experience some of the most delicious and unique foods in Las Vegas.

There is always something amazing cooking downtown

There is always something amazing cooking downtown


4. Take A Historical Walking Tour

You may not think about the history of Las Vegas, but it has a very colorful past. You don’t have to be a historian to appreciate this city’s story. Long before Vegas was a city of neon lights, it was a Mormon fort and a western outpost. You can see many different historical spots in the downtown area without spending a dime. The best part of this tour is you also get to see the new developments in the downtown area.

5. Be Brave and Ride Slotzilla

Did you know you can zipline right over the heart of downtown Vegas on Slotzilla? The zipline takes you right down the center of Fremont Street, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime view of the area. Best part? It’s only a couple of blocks from Downtown Grand. Take a thrilling ride on the zipline, then keep the party going at the Downtown Grand casino!

6. See the World’s Largest Video Screen

The Viva Vision light show is another experience you can’t miss in the downtown area. The 1,500 foot long, 90-foot widescreen is the largest screen in the world. The video canopy above Fremont Street has recently been upgraded and renovated, providing brilliant light shows accompanied by great music.

Downtown Grand is just a short walk from Fremont Street Experience

Downtown Grand is just a short walk from Fremont Street Experience


7. Million-Dollar Picture

Have you ever imagined what a million dollars looks like? Binion’s Gambling Hall puts a million dollars on display every day for you to see and to take a picture with. Is it real money? Every single dollar.

8. The Mob Museum

Even if you’re not a museum enthusiast, the Mob Museum offers a much different experience than you might think. Anybody who’s been to the Mob Museum will tell you it is a must-see in Downtown Vegas. It looks back to a time when the mob ran the city with interactive displays, fascinating exhibits, and revealing photography and models.

9. Hand of Faith

While you are exploring the downtown area, pop into the Golden Nugget Casino and see the largest gold nugget in existence! Known as the “Hand of Faith,” this 61-pound golden nugget can be seen in the hotel’s lobby for free.

10. Rub Buddha’s Belly

Need some luck in Vegas? It has been said that if you rub Buddha’s belly, you’ll have good fortune. Swing by the California Hotel and Casino to rub their famous Buddha statue. It may just bring you good luck for your next gambling session

11. See Unique Downtown Artwork

Downtown Las Vegas is home to the best street art in the city. Whether you’re a fan of art or not, the colorful murals you’ll find in the area are part of what makes downtown such a vibrant place to visit. Also, the Downtown Grand features international artists and photographers throughout our Art Bar and the new Gallery Tower, which is definitely worth taking a peek.

artwork available in the Gallery Tower

artwork available in the Gallery Tower


12. Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

If you love paranormal, scary, or just downright creepy things, you will love this museum. Fans of paranormal TV shows may recognize many of the items on display at this spooky spot. The museum itself is an old mansion that was said to be haunted back in 1938.

13. Release Your Inner Viking

This is an experience that is sure to please. Visit Axehole and learn how to throw an ax overhead into a wooden log. This indoor entertainment area also has dagger, ninja star, and shovel throwing. Yes, you read that right, shovel throwing. And don’t worry – everyone is trained on how to use the item before they do it themselves. Unleash your inner Viking and learn how to throw an ax!

14. Banger Brewing

If you’re a fan of local brews or craft beer, this is the place to be. Take a tour of the brewery or indulge in some of the finest beers in Las Vegas. Located in the heart of downtown, the brewery also offers a great snack menu to accompany the beer.

The next time that you’re in Las Vegas, take another look at downtown. The Downtown Grand always has hotel deals and specials going on, and our location puts you right in the heart of the downtown area. Also, you’ll get to check these things off your bucket list!

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